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As a Transport Canada Design Approval Organization (DAO), Voyageur Aerotech provides in-house design and certification services to achieve customer requirements. This includes Repair Design Approvals (RDAs) and Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approvals for aircraft modifications, reconfigurations, and part replacements. Our Engineers coordinate all design approval requirements for delegations including structures, systems, avionics, interiors, electrical, and flight testing. Voyageur works closely with clients and clients' regulatory authorities to understand needs, achieve appropriate approvals, and ensure seamless transition from concept to certification to operation.

Technical Support

Includes damage assessments, component and airframe repairability, part interchangeability, interpretation of product service manuals, aircraft records review / assessment, liaise with original equipment manufacturers (OEM), and manufacturing support.


Includes serialized Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs), Part Design Approvals (PDAs), and Repair Design Approvals (RDAs). Comprehensive certification guidance, such as test plans (ground and flight), and burn certifications.

Structural Design

Core competencies include: comprehensive structural and interior designs, conventional techniques for static and fatigue analysis, reverse engineering load computations, and strain gauge installation / recording.

System Design

Skillsets include: interconnection diagrams, systems analysis and system safety assessments, electrical wiring interconnect system (EWIS) reports and instructions for continued airworthiness (ICAs), and FAR 25.981 compliance.


Key air carrier operational assistance services such as: Flight Manual Supplements / Maintenance Manual Supplements, weight and balance assessments, and electrical load analysis.


Assistance in practical applications including: project management / integration, interpretation of Airworthiness Manual (AWM) 571.06 with respect to type of repairs and modifications, Import / Export repairs and modifications, and hands-on experience with fabrication and repair processes.

DHC-8-100/200/300 Long Range Fuel Tank Installation

(STC SA09-57 TCCA) (STC ST03564NY FAA) (STC 10053522 EASA), which involves the conversion of two dry bays in the center wing box to become auxiliary fuel tanks, allowing the aircraft to carry an additional 4564 pounds of fuel.

DHC-8-300 Supplementary Baggage Bin Installation

(LSTC C-LSA03-466/D), which provides an additional 70 cubic feet and 1100 pounds of cargo carrying capability within the aircraft cabin.

DHC-8-400 Supplementary Baggage Bin Installation

(STC SA07-81), which provides an additional 73 cubic feet and 850 pounds of cargo carrying capability within the aircraft cabin.

CRJ-100/200 Supplementary Baggage Bin Installation

(In Development) uses the technology developed in previous bin designs, to provide the CRJ with the capability of carrying an additional 90 cubic feet or 1100 pounds of cargo capacity.

DHC-7 Battery Powered Refuel System

(STC SA08-39), which makes it possible to refuel the aircraft without requiring external power from an APU or GPU.

DHC-7 Avionics Upgrade, Electronic Displays EFI-890R TAWS SCN12.0 and FMS UNS-1Fw

(STC OLSA 10-255/D)

DHC-7 Starter Generator Upgrade Goodrich 23088-008

(STC SA10-110)

DHC-7 Aircraft Survivability Equipment, Missile Counter Measures ALE-47/AAR-47 and Cockpit Ballistic Protection

(STC SA07-105)

DHC-8 Aircraft Survivability Equipment, Missile Counter Measures ALE-47/AAR-47 and Cockpit Ballistic Protection

(STC SA15-60 TCCA)


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